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Does towing damage an automatic transmission?

Dec 30


To avoid further damage to your car, it is important to properly tow your vehicle. If the towing process does not go according to plan, it can cause damage to cars. Towing can cause damage to your transmission. This is why truck drivers take extra precautions.


Front-wheel-drive vehicles can only be towed from their front wheels because the driveshaft is disconnected. For towing vehicles with a manual transmission, or four-wheel drive vehicles equipped with a transfer box that can go into neutral, it is best to put them in neutral.


Transmissions with automatic transmissions cannot be disengaged from the wheels. Towing can cause the transmission to turn in an incorrect direction or in a direction it shouldn't, which could lead to oil not being carried through the transmission.

Tow truck drivers should be aware of the following precautions

Tow truck drivers need to be familiarized with towing and should take all precautions to avoid damage to their vehicle, particularly its transmission.You can ask the driver of the tow truck about your concerns and whether any additional steps should be taken to protect your vehicle.


After towing, you should immediately notice any issues with your vehicle. If your transmission isn't shifting properly after towing, or if you notice a fluid leak, it is important to immediately inspect the vehicle and notify the towing company such as cheap towing services.

How to file a claim for damaged transmission

You will need to send a letter of demand to the towing company to file a claim. This letter will summarize the events. Please describe how your transmission worked before being towable, what process was used and what damage was done to it.


Additional evidence will be required, including the repair estimate, the bill for towing, photos of the vehicle being towable or hooked up to be towed, and documentation that proves the transmission worked properly before it was towable.When it comes time to file a claim against a company tow for damaged transmission, eyewitness statements are also helpful.

Talk to a Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury lawyer should be consulted if you believe that towing caused damage to your transmission. A lawyer will be able to help you determine the best course of action and get the responsible party to pay for your damages.


To have your case reviewed and evaluated by an experienced attorney in your local area, complete the Free Case Evaluation Form.You have nothing to lose if you hire a personal injury lawyer on a contingent basis. A lawyer can help you improve your chances of winning a claim.


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Imagine running a marathon during the heat of summer and not having enough water. Your body will become dehydrated and your body will not function optimally. Insufficient fluids can cause exhaustion, fatigue, and even collapse. Your vehicle is the same. Your vehicle will work harder if you tow a boat or trailer. Towing causes fluids in your engine and transmission to heat up, creating a pressure cooker effect. This can cause metal parts to become harder and more durable. To ensure your vehicle is safe for towing, it is a good idea to take it to Vancouver for auto repairs.