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What is the easiest vehicle to flat tow?

Dec 30


Preparing for a long motorhome trip requires much preparation. You need to check your tire pressure, and fluid levels, and make sure you have all of the tools and supplies. You'll want to make it easy to tow your dinghy car. In alphabetical order, here are the 10 most easy-to-tow dinghy cars. Remember, always verify with the owner's manual for the exact model you own that your vehicle is manufacturer-approved to be dinghy towable before you prepare to hit the road.


Chevrolet Colorado

A smallish, 4WD truck makes a great companion for traveling. Colorado models have a 2-speed transfer case that has a Neutral position and a 4WD low setting. The negative battery cable must be removed and the ignition in the Accessory position. Base weight: 4,167 pounds. Prices range from $29,795 to $47,595.


Chevrolet Spark

The Spark is light and easy to use. After you have switched the negative terminal of the battery terminal to Neutral, this cute commuter will be ready to tow. Base weight: 2,246 pounds. Price range: $14,095-$17.495.


Dodge Durango

An SUV midsize is the perfect vehicle for adventurous families. Durango AWD makes travel easy by putting the transmission in Park and putting the two-speed transfer box in Neutral. Base weight: 4,814 pounds. Prices range from $33,045 to $63,245.


Ford Edge ST

The Ford Edge ST is a high-performance vehicle that offers utility and performance. Its 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-6 makes 335 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque. AWD gives you the ability to drive in all conditions. Do you want to tow it? You can start the engine by activating the manual park release (MPR). The engine will then run for five minutes each morning and six hours every day thereafter. Base weight: 4,525 pounds. Price: $43,265.


Ford Escape Hybrid

There are not many towable SUVs and there is only one towable. It's easy to set up the "Stay in Neutral" mode. Refer to the owner’s manual for details. Next, turn on the engine and let it run for 1 minute at the start of each day. Repeat this process every 6 hours. Base weight: 3,554 pounds. Price: $28,255.


Ford F150/250/350 4WD

The F-Series Super Duty, which is the light-duty F-150, continues to improve. No matter what model you have, simply place the transfer case into Neutral to activate the four-wheel-down feature. All details can be found in the owner's manual. Base weight: 4,343-6,112 pounds. Price range: $38,090-$90,000.


Jeep Gladiator/Wrangler

Because it is easy to tow and can be used on almost any surface that is navigable, the Jeep Wrangler has been a favorite RVer for many years. Gladiator pickups are built on the same platform. They have Jeep off-road credentials and a 6-foot cargo container. To tow one of them, put either the automatic transmission or manual transmission into Park. Then, switch the transfer case from Neutral to the neutral setting and disconnect the negative cable. Base weight: 3,948-4,650 pounds. Price range: $29-790-$462,235


Nissan 370Z

The Z is the most towable sports car available. To tow, simply put the manual transmission into Neutral and then turn the engine on for two minutes. You should consider buying one if you have been considering it. An all-new model will be available in 2021. It may not be towable. Base weight: 3,333 pounds. Prices range from $30,090-$45 7,790.


Nissan Versa S Sedan

The Nissan Versa was once the most affordable new car, but it didn't win any beauty contests. The Versa S has the same sleek styling as other Nissan products but is still very affordable. It is also very easy to tow. Simply put the manual transmission into Neutral and then idle the engine for 2 minutes each 500 miles. Base weight: 2,599 pounds. Price: $14,730.


RAM 1500/2500/3500 4WD

RAM trucks are a popular choice for RVers due to their sleek styling and luxurious interiors. No matter what model you choose, the dinghy-towing procedure is the same. Place the automatic transmission into Park and the transfer box in Neutral. Done. Base weight: 4,994-6,402 pounds. Price range: $35.645-$69.140 


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