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What makes a good flat tow vehicle?

Dec 30


Motorhomes (also known as RVs) can be a great way to travel. You can stay at a campsite or along a stream. Things can change when you have to go into town to get groceries or take a tour after you have set up camp. It can be difficult to navigate the RV on narrow roads and through traffic jams, as well as find parking spots and pay for fuel.


Motorhome travelers don't need to pack all their gear and haul it up every time they go. It is not unusual to see large RVs pulling small vehicles behind them. It's much easier to move around with an extra set of wheels, which can often be a small SUV or subcompact vehicle. Motor homeowners have long loved the Jeep Wrangler because it is easy to tow.

The Ideal Solution isn't Trailering

You can tow almost any vehicle behind an RV with two-wheeled tow trucks or four-wheeled trailers. However, the recommended towing capacity must be met. This type of car towing is not very popular and for good reasons.There are two things to consider: first, the cost of purchasing and maintaining a trailer/tow dolly. There are also storage requirements at home and at campsites for such equipment, along with the additional work required to transport it.

Aftermarket Add-Ons

To tow your vehicle flat, you can add devices such as driveshaft decouplers or transmission lubrication pump to any automatic transmission vehicle. The devices are expensive and difficult to set up and maintain. If they aren't used properly, engine and drivetrain components could be damaged when a vehicle is being torn. This can cause warranty issues for owners.


If your vehicle is not factory-rated for flat towing but you still want it to be able to tow, many RV dealers and repair centers can install decouplers, pumps, and other similar devices.It is best to focus on vehicles that are factory-ready if you are searching for a towable vehicle.


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How to Winnow the Field?

You don't have to look through hundreds of owner manuals to find details about towing readiness. Instead, narrow down the candidates by deciding which type of tow vehicle is best for you. For example, a 4x4 for off-roading. Next, decide how much you can afford.

Other flat-towing tips

Although it makes it easier to get to your destination once you have arrived, it can be time-consuming.

  • Some SUVs and cars that can be pulled four-down may require special stops to start the engine to lubricate it. Some vehicles require the removal of various fuses before they can be started. A number of four-wheel-drive trucks have automatic transmissions. These must be pulled four-down, with the transmissions in the park and the transfer cases in neutral.
  • If the front wheels don't turn, vehicles with steering locks activated by the ignition switch can't be flat-towed. To unlock the steering, the key must be in place in the ignition.