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Bounce House Rentals - How to Choose the Right Legal Entity for Your Bounce House Rentals Business

Jun 20

The legal entity you choose for your bounce house business can have a significant impact on how big your company grows. It’s important to consider the options available before making your decision.

Bounce houses are popular for children’s parties, but they can also be rented out for public events. To maximize your profits, be sure to offer other related products and services.

Water Slide Rentals

Inflatable water slides for rent are a great way to add some excitement to your kids' next birthday party. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can be used on a grass surface or poolside. You can also rent a bounce house that has fun obstacles built into it. These inflatables let kids jump through pins, crawl through tunnels, climb walls, and slide down slopes.

The cost to rent a standard bounce house typically ranges from $30 to $50 per hour or $140 to $280 for a full day. The price includes delivery, setup, and removal of the bounce house. It does not include extra costs like insurance or a surcharge for using the bounce house on a rocky or sandy area.

You can usually find a better deal by calling the rental company directly and asking for a discount. Many will offer a discount, especially around holidays or in the spring.

Party Rentals

Bounce houses are an essential part of any kids party, and they come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Whether you need a traditional bounce house or something more elaborate, companies like 2 Dads Bounce House Rentals in Phoenix offer a full range of options. Some local suppliers also specialize in unique inflatables, like obstacle courses or interactive game inflatables.

Pricing varies depending on the company and the type of bounce house you rent. Most rental companies charge for a block of four hours, but you can usually ask for a shorter period if your event is running late. Some companies charge an additional fee for supervising the children inside the bounce house, but others will do this for you for a reasonable price.

Most reputable party rental companies will have clear pricing information on their website. If you see any hidden fees, be sure to inquire about them before making a reservation.

Bounce House Rentals

Combination Bouncer Rentals New Orleans is a staple for any children’s party, and are a great way to keep kids entertained. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, holiday gathering or fundraiser, bounce house rentals are sure to make your event a hit.

When searching for a bounce house rental, it’s important to compare prices. Many rental companies will list their prices on their websites, but be sure to take into account any hidden costs that may come up. These fees often include a delivery fee, extra hours of use, or additional setup and tear-down time.

You can also add bounce house accessories to your order, such as a water slide or obstacle course. Some rentals even offer adult bounce houses, which are perfect for grown-up parties. Check with your local parks and recreation department to find out if they require insurance before setting up an inflatable at one of their facilities. If they do, your rental business will need to provide proof of liability insurance in the form of a certificate of insurance.

Inflatable Games

Inflatable games are a great addition to bounce houses, and they can be used by kids and adults alike. They are also a great way to attract more customers and increase your company’s visibility. You can even offer special deals during certain seasons and events.

Prices for bounce house rentals vary, and you must be aware of your competition’s pricing in order to compete effectively. Prices often include the duration of use, delivery, set-up, and tear-down. Other important factors are the available options and the amount of space needed for the inflatable.

Giant inflatable games can be a great addition to a party, and they can be rented for any occasion. For example, a gender reveal party can be made more exciting by renting an inflatable movie screen and projector. You can also add giant Jenga or Connect Four to your event, and these rentals can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Besides bounce houses, some companies also rent water slides, obstacle courses, and other types of inflatables.