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Occupational Therapy Can Help Patients Of Any Age

Nov 9

Occupational therapy (OT) helps people to participate in the activities of everyday life — the things that are important to them. These may include daily routines, work and leisure activities, self-care, and more. OTs are trained to help patients with illness, injury, and disability regain the ability to perform these activities.

Occupational therapy to improve daily living work in health care and social care, with housing, education and voluntary organisations, as well as for the police and fire services and psychiatric services. They also work independently and in private practice, helping individuals and families to achieve their goals.

An OT’s professional background includes an extensive theoretical and evidence based curriculum. It includes training in a broad range of disciplines, such as anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, neurology and much more. The OT curriculum is designed to equip students to be effective leaders, change agents and collaborators in complex environments and systems.

The core competencies of an OT are knowledge, reasoning, problem solving, clinical skills and communication. In addition, the OT professional is required to demonstrate a commitment to ethical practice and the core values of the profession.

Occupational therapy is a client-centered, holistic, evidence-based, cost-effective, multicultural and accessible profession. It promotes participation, independence and quality of life in all areas of an individual’s life. It provides opportunities for clients to develop their unique abilities and focuses on the person’s needs, strengths, interests and goals. It is inclusive and respects diversity in all its forms, including disability, culture, age, gender and sexual orientation.

In addition, the OT profession is a leader in changing policies and environments, providing innovative, evidence-based and collaborative care and service delivery models that are aimed at addressing issues of social justice. This is reflected in the ethos of the profession, which promotes the concept that occupation has a positive impact on an individual’s health and well-being and brings meaning to their lives, both culturally and personally.

For some seniors, reaching the point of needing home care can be a difficult and stressful time. Home care can provide a valuable alternative to assisted living or nursing homes and is an excellent option for seniors who have trouble with their day-to-day tasks but do not require around-the-clock care.

Before a senior receives home care, they should carefully research all of the options available to them. They should look at reputable registries that don’t simply list caregiver names but also delve into each caregiver’s qualifications, areas of expertise and past experiences. This can guide them toward a choice that will seamlessly align with their loved one’s needs. For example, a registry like Visiting Angels can offer live-in and 24-hour care, giving family members peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are safe, happy, and healthy at home. This is a great option for seniors who have been resistant to moving out of their home or community. Caregivers can assist with everything from bathing and dressing to meal preparation and housework. They can even help to keep a senior from falling by recognizing signs of instability and setting up fall prevention programs.

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