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EvenMix IBC Mixer

Dec 16

Ibc anti-contamination mixer provide an easy solution for mixing in plastic transportable containers, commonly known as intermediate bulk containers. Typically holding up to 275 gallons these cubic shaped containers have an integral pallet base to make them suitable for shipping and storage on site. They have a 6 inch top screw cap opening and most often are used to store and supply liquid products to contractors and on-site workers. While these totes are well suited for transportation and on-site storage, the cubic shape makes them ineffective for agitating liquids.

When a product is stored in an IBC for long periods of time, suspended solids can settle and the emulsion components of some liquid products can stratify, making them difficult to pump out from the container. Using a portable mixer to re-suspend solids and agitate the liquid in the container can return it to its original homogenous quality. Portable mixers are available in multiple designs and are chosen based on product properties such as density and viscosity as well as the degree of agitation required.

The EvenMix IBC tote mixer is a versatile and powerful mix system designed specifically for IBC tote mixing applications. It is engineered to be tough enough to tackle the most demanding mixing situations but also lightweight and easy to use. It is able to be run from either an electric, air or explosion proof motor depending on the application and can be operated from a standard socket.

Our tote mixer works with any brand of tote. Whether you have Schutz style totes or a different brand, our tote mixer is compatible as it features a collapsible shaft that fits through the top screw cap opening of most IBC containers. It is easy to attach and remove the mixer from the tote without removing the lid.

For mixing light liquids and materials with low viscosities, such as contractor grade paints, concrete admixtures, mulch dyes or contractor grade asphalt cements these portable tote mixers work perfectly. They are easily attached to an IBC with a stainless steel bridge that mounts directly onto the frame of the tote and is secured in place with quick action toggle clamps. The mixer can be powered by a 1/2 hp electric, or 1 hp air drive mixer.

Ibc anti-contamination mixer can be fitted with a high shear cutter that dramatically expands its blending capabilities. This allows liquid fats to be incorporated into powder recipes and more cohesive, agglomerated lumps to be broken down into smaller particles for processing and dispersal. This removes the need for invasive sampling and reduces costly clean-up time while eliminating inefficient handling and cleaning practices and risks of cross contamination. The IBC blender is supplied with an eye bolt for lifting by a hoist and modules are available for mounting on a fork lift truck. ATEX versions are also available for hazardous area environments. These are supplied with a starter and safety interlock switch and are pre-wired to suit your control panel requirements.