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Versatile Models of Commercial Mixing Tools

Jun 24

Mixers are used to blend, stir, whip and knead ingredients in order to create uniformly distributed, homogenous mixtures. EvenMix New Location in a wide variety of types, each tailored to specific mixing applications . Planetary mixers, for example, feature rotating blades that move throughout the bowl to ensure consistent ingredient blending. Screw mixers are ideal for applications requiring gentle, but thorough, mixing. Rotary drum mixers, with their rotating barrels or drum-shaped agitators, are excellent for general purpose blending and dispersing.

Mixer selection begins by determining the size of production required. Whether the mixer will be used in a small commercial kitchen or in an industrial setting, ensuring the correct size mixer is chosen will save time and money. The wrong sized mixer may result in spilling or over mixing which can lead to inconsistencies in the finished product. Additionally, the mixing speed should be considered when selecting a mixer. Slower speeds are best for delicate applications, while higher speeds are ideal for tough or sticky materials.

A wide variety of attachments can be added to commercial mixers to provide even more functionality and improve efficiency in the kitchen. Dough rollers and shredders can be fitted to some mixers, while spiral mixers are perfect for dough making in bakeries or pizzerias. These specialized mixers rotate the dough hook and mixing bowl, minimizing heat input into yeasted doughs to ensure proper gluten development and quality artisan bread.

Large floor mixers are suitable for operations that produce high volumes of dense, heavy dough, such as artisan bread or pizza restaurants. Typically, these mixers have capacities of 30 qt or more and are equipped with robust motors capable of handling heavy duty work. Most of these mixers have useful design additions or accessories, such as handles for easy lifting and a dolly to aid in transportation across the kitchen floor. They often have digital controls with multiple speed choices, and many feature a 30 minute timer and last batch recall settings.

Those who require the most versatility from their mixers should look for versatile models that are equipped with removable mixing shafts and bowls so that they can be used for a variety of different applications. Many of these mixers also have removable beaters and whisks so that the machine can be easily converted into a food processor or blender.

Tote Mixing

When it comes to tote mixing, a simple solution is to use a tote tank mixer/agitator that optimizes the mixing process inside of an IBC tote. These tools are available in a range of sizes and can be powered by either electric or air, reducing the amount of time spent moving fluids between a tote and secondary mixing vessel. Even Mix offers a number of tote tank mixers that allow users to mix items such as sealcoat sealer, concrete admixtures and contractor grade paints without the need for extra tubing or bulky transfer pumps.

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