Breakout Trading and Reversal Trading are the two main trading strategy for the day trading community in Forex and Stock market. It is even better if you can spot these trading opportunity from Fractal Wave patterns. They will often show much clearer entry and exit for your trading in comparison to the slow lagging technical indicators.

With Fractal Pattern Scanner, you can use both Breakout Trading and Reversal Trading. If you prefer breakout trading over the reversal trading, then you should use the Fractal Pattern Scanner to detect breakout patterns. If you prefer the reversal trading over the breakout trading, then you can use the Fractal Pattern Scanner to detect reversal pattern.  Check the attached screenshot on how to switch from breakout trading to reversal trading and vice versa.

When you set Fractal Pattern Scanner to detect Breakout Pattern, it will detect the patterns at the low turning point probability. In the statistical sense, there is a good chance to have the turning point when the turning point probability is high. Hence, if we just reverse this logic, then we can tell that at low turning point probability, price can continue to move in the same direction as before. Hence, in the low turning point probability, we can often find good breakout trading opportunity. This is the core trading logic when you use Fractal Wave analysis in your breakout trading.

When you set Fractal Pattern Scanner to detect Reversal Pattern, it will detect the patterns at the high turning point probability. In the reversal pattern detection mode, the Fractal Pattern Scanner will try to detect the patterns that already run quite far in the same direction. Often the current price will be at the area of high turning point with multiple of ZigZag movement. With some knowledge in Fractal Wave analysis like Fibonacci Ratio, Harmonic Pattern or Elliott Wave pattern or X3 Price Pattern, you can spot the turning point more accurately.

With Fractal Pattern Scanner, just pick the best trading strategy works for you in between Breakout trading and reversal trading. Fractal Pattern Scanner can help you with both trading strategy.

In addition, we recommend you to spend a bit of time to understand the winning trading logic with the Geometric Prediction from the link below, just to perfect your trading skills.