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Learn About the City Parks in Colorado Springs

Sep 27

City Parks in Colorado Springs is a great asset to the city. They provide recreational opportunities for all ages and help promote a sense of community. As a result of this, the city is constantly looking to expand the city parks system and make them more attractive and accessible for residents. Today, we take a look at the three latest additions to the city parks system. The first is called Neighbors Park. It is located directly across the street from City Hall and includes a playground, pavilion and swimming pool.


The park was designed by award winning architect Frank Jackson with input from the local community. Located around the corner from the Wheaton Plaza shopping center, the park includes large trees for you to sit and enjoy the evening air, a running track for your children to play on, picnic tables, benches and pavilions. There are also numerous shady spots to relax with a book. There is also a concession stand with delicious Mexican foods. There are also numerous small family-run restaurants around the area. Children love it!


Next on our list of city parks in Colorado Springs is Fort Collins Greenway. This six-mile long walking/jogging trail runs through the city and connects the Blue Lawn Park to Southwoods Park. The trail is designed as a greenway so you will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the surrounding environment. It is very easy to get around on, even for elderly or handicapped people.


The third addition to the program is called the Hidden Paths Park. This park sits at the edge of a residential neighborhood, but still within the city limits. Here, you'll find nature trails that lead through wooded areas and into the park. This park has interactive features an abundance of plant life.


Hidden Paths Park also features a bike path through the park. Another great feature is a nature walkway, complete with tree climbing, hiking poles, and other activities. You'll be able to easily get around your bicycle if you need to. This park definitely has something for children. But, adults and families can enjoy the beauty found here as well.


Of course, there are endless ideas for more city parks to add to the list. In fact, the list of ideas is almost endless. In addition to the aforementioned cities, Denver, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins have dozens more. And these aren't even considering new parks that will expand upon what we already have. Right now, there are over 800 acres of parks spread out throughout the city.


These parks are available for city recreation. Whether it's taking a hike, enjoying a swim, playing in a sand box, watching a fireworks show, or just taking a dog ride, you'll have something fun to do in Colorado Springs and Denver. Furthermore, these city parks offer activities for children of all ages.


If you have kids, taking them to one of the city parks is a fantastic experience. This is the perfect opportunity to teach your children values of good behavior while being a good neighbor. When you're at the park, you can even hand your kids their very own toys. However, parents shouldn't leave their kids unattended. The best thing you can do is supervise them, but parents who leave their kids at home can always bring them to the designated area at city parks.


Besides being a wonderful learning experience, the city parks are also a great way to burn off some extra calories. Walking to the park can burn anywhere from five hundred calories to one thousand calories depending on the day. Additionally, when you come home, you'll have a great comfortable place to sit down and enjoy the quiet. Most of the city parks are located near restaurants and other attractions that parents would want their children to try out.


These parks are also a great place for families to go to have fun. You can sit down with your children and plan activities that you would like to try out together. You might try rollerblading, a fun activity that kids love. Also, if you are a rock climbing enthusiast, there are several parks around the city that allow you to practice your skills.


The beauty of these city parks is that they are free for citizens to use. Therefore, they are a benefit for all ages. However, it's important to remember that the city parks in Colorado Springs are open to everyone twenty-four hours a day. Even families with small children are allowed to enjoy these playgrounds.


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